Our story begins in 2009 when
marina falls in love
with a beautiful hidden space
in the heart of Milan.
She has accomplished her “life
goals”, raising two children,
successfully running the family
business, and she believes
that in this inspiring space
she can finally
pursue her passion
create beautiful interiors
using linens, fabrics
and colors.

Marina starts by researching
fabrics and old embroideries
and looking for craftsmen
who can bring her ideas to life
with utmost perfection.
the craftsmen
are the same working
for the big companies
well known in the industry
and are usually “unreachable”
but due to the crisis
they are becoming more flexible
and available to listen
to the requests of this
demanding lady.

Marina’s dream is shaping up, the first samples
are being produced and the first sales are being made:
linens for a mansion in Ibiza, for a yacht in the Netherlands,
for a boutique hotel in Venice.
Marina is quickly swamped by the activity and can’t take care
of everything. At this time there is an unexpected encounter:
elena, old school mate and good friend,
after years spent in international marketing in Silicon Valley,
Paris and London makes the decision to move back to Milan
and dive into this adventure.

Finally Marina can be completely devoted to product
research, design and production,
while Elena makes sure that the products
are globally marketed.
Experienced craftsmen, all in the Milan area,
are cutting, sewing, embroidering the linens that will soon
be laid on your bed or on your table,
with the care and passion,
of people who work with their hands and with their heart.

Today at MarinaC
we design and produce linens
for residential, hotels
and yachts which are simply
“effortlessly chic”
Every fabric,
every color combination,
every embroidery
is selected and carried out
with one idea in mind:
satisfy and surprise
who enters our world.

All our fabrics are cut
“on the grain”
which means that
the product will keep
its perfect shape also
after many wash cycles.
“the mitred corner”
to a perfect look
on the front as
on the back.

If you are in Milan, come and visit
our showroom in the heart of the
fashion district. We will be happy
to show you our work while
sipping a cup of tea
another one of our passions.
Part of our collection is available
on our online shop
and if you need bespoke items
please call or write.
We speak 5 languages. We will
send you sketches, swatches and
samples to help you make your
choice. Distance is not a problem.
And now... just try.